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For Teachers, Schools, HR teams and edtech companies to generate assessments at scale.

Generate worksheet in 1 click

Questgen provides an authoring tool to generate various kinds of assessments like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), True/False Questions, Match the following, etc in 1 click. You can edit and make modifications to the generated worksheet before exporting it as plain text or Pdf.

Product Demo

See how you can create questions in 1-click using Questgen and also edit and export the generated questions easily into a final worksheet.

Who is it for?

Teachers and Schools

Teachers and Schools can use the Questgen authoring tool to create worksheets easily in a few seconds. They can avoid repetitive questions chosen from a fixed question bank every year.

HR Teams

HR teams can use Questgen to create assessments from compliance documents. Every time there is a change in policies, assessments could be generated and given to employees to make sure that they have read and understood the new policies.

Publishers and Edtech Companies

Textbook publishers and edtech companies can use Questgen instead of outsourcing the assessment creation process. They can have a small in-house team and save hugely on time and cost.

Why Choose Questgen?

Questgen marries computational linguistics with the world's most advanced AI algorithms like GPT-3 to create high-quality assessments. Questgen is built on multiple years of Natural Language Processing research by the founders exclusively in question generation for edtech.

What's the Technology?

The makers of Questgen love open-source. Check out the Questgen open-source library as well as the detailed talk on some of the algorithms that power Questgen.

Check out Questgen Open Source Library

Check out our talk on Question Generation.

App Pricing

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B2B API Integration: Monthly Pricing

If you are a company looking to integrate Questgen API into your products please check the pricing below and reach out to

Eg: The 999$ pro plan gets 50000 total API calls per month. Each API call takes in ~500 words and generates 8-10 quiz questions (MCQs, True/False), etc.

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Ramsri is the builder of Questgen.
He handles AI research, App development, and Marketing for Questgen.

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